The Black Rooster is the historic symbol of Chianti, which was adopted as a trademark for Chianti Classico consortium that brings together producers.




The Legend :

The origin of this symbol comes from an old legend. It is said that at the time of medieval battles Florence and Siena has always been at war for the possession of this precious corner of Tuscany and both tired of bloody battles, decided to settle the matter with a unique arbitration.
In fact, the two cities decided to entrust the definition of the border to a test between two knights, one with the colors of Florence and one with the colors of Siena. The Florentine-Sienese border was set at the point where the two knights met their respective cities starting at dawn, the cock crowed. The Sienese chose a white cock and rimpinzarono food, convinced that this was going to sing at dawn stronger, while the Florentines chose a black rooster left thin. On the day of the test, the black cock Florentine bitten by hunger, began to sing even before the sun had risen, while the white of Siena, was still asleep blessed because they are still full.
The Florentine knight, at the agreed signal, immediately began to gallop, while his colleague Siena had to wait much longer before the other bird to decide to sing the result of the peaceful combat was that the two knights met only 12 km from the city ​​walls and so the Florentine Republic was able to annex all of Chianti.